Sanitation Systems
1. Low cost, low maintenance, replicable toilets system
Waste recycling system
1. Waste recycling franchisable workshops chain
2. A mobile app to connect the circular economy players
Vertical farming
1. Scalable aquaponic systems as a healthy food option for the masses
Health care systems
1. Affordable hospital franchising system
2. Telemedicine based ‘Cloud Clinic’
3. Indemnity club system for medical insurance
1. Group buying system [GCCP]
2. Digital electoral system for co-ops
3. Arbitration system for co-op communities
City hall automation
1. Registration
2. Police desk
3. Civil courts
Worship places
1. Common worship place concept for all religions
Personal Development
1. Values and habits building program
Relationship building systems
1. Diverse and sustainable communities building program
2. Team building and collaboration platform
Learning and skill building systems
1. Social innovators & entrepreneurs program [SIEP]
2. Learners & Makers Program [LAMP]
3. English Language Learning Program [ELLP]
4. Franchisable school & university system for R&D based learning
Economic development systems
1. Social innovators & entrepreneurs program [SIEP]
2. Tokenize real estate assets and financial derivatives as crypto-coins
3. Franchisable economic zone systems
4. Industrial automation [IoT based]
5. Sharing economy to optimize value of resources
6. Cottage industry with shared services support
7. Re-design products for co-ops
8. Man and machine interaction optimization
9. Supply chain vertical integration of tools and systems
10. Value chain optimization by distributed ledger technologies
11. Interdependent ecosystems development
12. Use AI to:
12.1 automate decision making and workflow
12.2 self learning
12.3 idea generation
12.4 multiple role playing
12.5. for diagnoses and compliance checks.
13. Unconditional Basic Income for co-op members
14. Structural cost reduction
Standard of living
1. Affordable home furnishing
2. Home automation incl. smart home systems
3. Affordable prefab modular building system
4. Internet coverage
5. Green energy solutions
6. Elegant public amenities
7. Electric shuttles and bikes for commuting
8. Drone delivery system
9. Town Infrastructure 
10. Digital wallet system
11. Inter city transportation system
Exposure to diversity and variety
1. Travel and tourism programs
2. Documentaries and movies
3. Intercultural interactions (both virtual & real)
1. Outdoor sports facilities and events
2. Indoor sports facilities and events
3. Hangout places and events