Startup Acceleration Programs

We are running a number of startup acceleration programs for the different segments  – we are sure there is one that meets your requirements:

  • Journalists, teachers, leaders and Influencers 
    • If you’re interested in exploring problem people are facing and investigating into their root causes, we have a program for you to help develop solutions to kick start your startup project. We can also help you run an design workshop in your community
  • Kick start your Startup – build prototypes
    • This is designed for the jobless or those who are willing to try selling services rather than the time
  • Make our employer your first client
  • Corporate Staff
    • Outsource to your own employees (a low cost more effective solution)
  • Malaysia Startup (for non-Malaysian entrepreneurs)
    • Do you have a business idea
    • Do you want help in idea validation?
    • Do you have a product
    • Would you like to go through our idea bank?
    • Would you like to buy validated ideas?
    • Do you want to buy feasibility reports with project plans?
    • Would you like to buy shares in other projects?
    • Would you like to join other projects as an active partner?
  • Join Our Tribe (find you customers)
    • Academies 
      • turn your into startup accelerator
      • become a tribe lead
    • Investors
      • buy shares
    • Earn out of under-utilized resources
      • list your surplus resources so we can send u a proposal
    • Part timers
      • join our tribe a become freelancer
    • Service Providers
      • join our tribe
    • Donors
      • buy them a fishing rode rather than a fish
    • Students
      • work on a problem and startup a business
        • during ur internship
        • part of your fyp

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