Programs have been designed to prepare members to explore social innovation and entrepreneurship as a preferred career path and learn how to use automation, AI and robotics to solve world’s biggest problems rather than competing with them – the automation – in the job market.
It’s based on the shared economy principle where members co-create and share value that’s usually greater than the sum of their contributions.
Here the co-creators earn cash, credits or shares for contributing their surplus resources – anything such as time, knowledge, skills etc. – that’s surplus to the needs or capacity – things like workspace, campus, tools, equipments or anything else that’s underutilized – to our startup projects.
It’s run under Startup Tribe that’s a local ecosystem for startups. The local member companies are responsible to build and run the tribe by providing assurance to all its members of equitable rights in the value created and proactive management of risks of failure through a robust governance and controls framework.
1. SIEP – Social Innovators and Entrepreneurs Program
2. LAMP – Learners and Makers Program
1. Get exposure by working on projects from the industry.  
2. Earn digital badges and internship certificates for skills learned
2. Continue working as DMs/DEs post internship or graduation 
3. Use flexi timing with agreed work schedule
4. Work out of any of our approved workspaces or university library
5. Earn market based value for your contributions to projects from industry 
6. Opt to get paid in cash, credits or stocks in startups hosted by the tribe.
7. Terms & conditions apply
1. High school graduates for SIEP
2. High school students (13 – 18 yrs old) for LAMP
3. Champions of personal mastery
4. Excellent skills to research, rank and resource to render given objectives
5. Must have a powerful laptop and, for remote workers, high speed internet.
6. Must be able to work at least 10 hours a week.
7. For internship certificate, complete prescribed training hours.
8. University graduates with 585 hrs of SIEP training may apply for Domain Manager / Domain Expert roles
9. Terms & conditions apply 
1. Community building – learn leadership, sharing economy and ideation process.
2. Mission control –  learn decision making, planning & controls and delivering promises. 
3. Marketing – learn digital marketing strategies and tools, multimedia contents creation and connecting with target audience. 
4. Solution building – learn co-creating products and systems using R&D based techniques, modern technologies and tools.
5. Value delivery – learn and automate order to cash process steps 
6. Sourcing and resourcing – learn win win negotiation and ecosystem building skills.  
7. Operation controls that involves delivering operational plans, managing risks and stakeholders.
Here’s how to apply